Flooring houses is a majorly important aspect that includes a lot of its part in the house decoration and thematic arrangements. People get flooring done to make the look of the house better and to enhance the resistance of the floor towards heavy objects by implanting better flooring tiles and sheets. Vinyl flooring is actually not the tile form of flooring but actually a sheet form. It is wider fine wooden sheet that is made to stick on the floor. It looks so beautiful and also is done to last longer. We at Oz timber floor contain a high quality of vinyl flooring with amazing designs and colors that pretty much include the customer’s demand.


Vinyl flooring looks so beautiful and people usually go for its installation because it is produced in the form of wide sheets too. Sheets are more impermeable to water because in tiles the spaces between two tiles allows water to seep underneath and that causes damping of the floor and releases foul smell due to salinity. People also choose their own designs for their houses and place customized orders to full fill their themed décor. Following are few attributes of Vinyl flooring you need to know:

Easy implantation:  The installation of the sheets for flooring is super easy when it comes to vinyl flooring. They are available in the form of long sheets and with proper lengths and measurements once taken the installation is super easy and is able to be done by even not well experienced person.

Cost effective:  As compared to all other flooring materials, the vinyl flooring sheets are super cheap and thus helping in getting the best décor to your liking in the most cheapest rates possible. The reason is that they are long lasting and are available in varieties of designs. Other flooring materials have some drawbacks, sometimes they allow water to seep through causing damp and many others. This material because of this one character is super cheap and long lasting.

Durable: All of the flooring material of these sheets are highly durable and they are resistant to pressure and weight. Floors are more prone to furniture weight and bumps and breaches caused by them hence they are made to be durable and who can last longer than the guaranteed time. Vinyl flooring is extremely durable in this course and are highly efficient in a longer run.

Water resistant: Water resistance is the core element that ensures the quality of the flooring sheets material. Vinyl flooring is made conductive to water seepage and salinity issues. That quality makes it quite in demand.

Stain resistant-easier to clean: Last but never the least every floor needs to be stain resistant and it should be so smooth that it could easily be mopped.

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