The role of a commercial interior designer is a tough one. They have to take care of many things, their duty is a complicated one and they have to pay attention to multiple things at once. Lighting is one of the most important things for a commercial interior designer. Many commercial interior designer go to lengths to make sure that the lighting is perfect. Both the colour and brightness of lighting matter. The positioning of lights matter, as well. Many commercial interior designer take care to ensure that the lighting is just right. White light is the most common. Coloured lights are not that common and are rarely used. Commercial interior designers often use colored lights on counters and display racks. This is because they create a certain atmosphere that makes customers tempted to buy things. A customer is more likely to buy an item if a coloured light it illuminating it. This fact is recognized by most commercial interior designer and is put to good use.

Many things demand the attention of a commercial interior designer. A commercial interior designer is often employed to take care of retail properties. Retail properties include shops, offices and other such outlets. Lighting is very important as mentioned above and cannot be ignored. Other things are important as well. The ceiling is an important part of any interior design. Ceilings re often overlooked but this should not be the case.

A commercial fit out companies Brisbane can make a ceiling appealing. False ceilings are very common these days. They are expensive but can change the overall look of a room. They can be made for a few dollars and take five to six days at most. A false ceiling is usually made of clay. The clay is often mixed with a pigment. Many commercial interior designer are aware of the right combination of clay and pigment. The ratio has to be precise for the mixture to stick. If the ratio of pigment to clay is not correct, the mixture might fall off. This can cause the entire ceiling to fall off.

The pigment used gives colour to the clay. Plaster is often the most common used pigment. Plaster makes the clay white. A commercial interior designer is well versed in the use of pigments. They can also use pigments that give brighter colours to the mixture. Ochre is used to make clay red. Ochre is cheap and is readily available. Commercial interior designer also uses other synthetic pigments. Organic pigments are cheaper and last longer as they do not lose colour or texture. The colour of the ceiling is not the only thing of concern for a commercial interior designer. The overall strength and firmness of the structure is important, as well.