If you want to start your business you need to get some experience first so you can get command over it because starting a business is not a bed of roses you need to work hard and prepare yourself for the struggle and you need to work under other people to see how they are handling and running their business and you need to seek business advice from them. For example, you want to start a business of textile and you have no idea how to start a business and what things you need to start your business because you have never seen any textile factory you just have the knowledge what you have studied and only knowledge cannot help you to start your business. After all, there is a difference between what you have learned from the book and you have learned from the experience you always need to get experience first to start your own business and you always need business advice from the expertise. 

Learn from others 

We don’t learn everything in schools thought books are the best but still, you don’t learn the things practically until you experience and people are the best when it comes to the experience if a person learns from other experiences there are the fewer chances a person get fail because he has learned that specific thing practically. 

New skills 

When you meet someone and work for others you get to know new things you explore new things and you get a chance to learn new skills because what you have learned from the books all are different than the practical working life and the skills which already you have and when you learn from someone else any new skill it will give you a new experience and new exposure because every person is different and every person have different skills it depends on you how you observe others and their skills and how they use their skills because the skills which you learn from others you will never forget.

Better understanding 

The person who wants to start a new business with zero experiences how he will understand the problem of employees that what they need and what they go through and the most important thing how to get work from them and what are the things you need to do for their better performance. 


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