Although there are various methods for concrete removals but starting from the method of the dismantling. This method is one of the very easy methods and is usually adopted by the home owners and people who do not hire professionals for the concrete removals use the dismantling procedure. In this they usually make use of the hammer, this hammer is either a jackhammer or a sledge hammer. Professional concrete removal do not use the hammer but they make use of various kind of cutting tools. But dismantling is a relative better technique. It may produce some noise but the dust that it produces is very less and it does not do any harm to the structures of the environment.

A second method is the hydro demolition. As the name of this method represents this method use the water. Water can be used to cut the concrete. Water directly can not be strong enough to cut the concrete through therefore various tools and devices which make use of water beams are used. Although, the use of this technique requires consents of the areas locals about the use of the water supply. It can be used in the areas where there is much water and the water is not very hard to find.

Another technique which is known as the pressure bursting is used. This method is mostly suitable for the areas where the concrete is needed to be removed from some sub sections. In order to perform the concrete removals from Repurpose It via this method the hole drills are used. It will not result in the immediate cracking of the concrete but in just few hours the concrete will start to crack and then it can easily be removed.

A forth method known as the ball and crane method. In which the crane is used. This method is seen at most of the demolishing operations. In this procedure a heavy ball which is weighted around 13500 pounds. This heavy ball is then hit with a great force by the use of the crane. This ends up in demolishing buildings structures mostly. However, it is not very recommended procedure because it produce very much noise and also results in a lot of dust. Not everyone can apply this technique properly and effectively. Only the skilled and experienced staff or operators are required to do this.

And last but not the least is the method of using the explosives. These explosives are used to destroy the structure via blasting. These are placed at various positions in the holes and when they blast the whole structure is demolished. This is an efficient method but it could produce damage to the environment.