A car is made up of many different parts that all act together in unison. It is by their complicated working that a car final becomes functional. The invention of the wheel was revolutionary in more ways than one. It enabled transport like never before and changed the way goods were carried. As a result, trade was revolutionized and things became much different. People could connect effortlessly. Complementary to the invention of the wheel was the invention of the axle. An axle is a rod that is used to bind two wheels together. In this sense, a car has a pair of axles. 

Vehicles with more than four wheels have more than one axle holding it up. For every extra pair of wheels, an additional axle is needed. Also for heavier vehicles, the axles in use have to be stronger. This is because it takes stronger axles to bear the weight of a heavier vehicle. This is even more important seeing that heavier vehicles are used to transport cargo that has a weight of its own. Axle spacers are an integral part of axles. An axle can not function without spacers holding it together. The axle spacer imparts it strength and keeps it in balance. Each car needs to three pairs of axle spacers. The axle spacers are fitted onto the axles of a car. They are welded in rare cases.

Most axel spacers are made of metals. The metal most commonly used is steel. Axle fixers made of aluminum have become popular in recent times. Steel is made by mixing iron with other element. The added elements impart their own features to steel. Zinc makes it harder. Carbon does the same job. Carbon added steel is called pig iron. Axle spacers made of steel are much stronger as compared to those made of iron. Iron is brittle and can break if hit hard or subjected to pressure. Steel is in fact much better for making axle spacers than pure iron. Pure iron axle spacers last for five to ten months at most.

Their life is reduced even further if they are subjected to water or moisture. This is why steel axle spacers are more commonly used. It does not cost a lot to replace iron axle spacers with steel ones. Steel nice wheel spacers come in a variety of colours. the most common one is grey. Silver axle spacers are also very popular. Axle spacers have a hole in middle. Most axle spacers weight five to ten grams. The heavier ones are fifteen to sixteen grams, at most. The heavier versions are used for bigger vehicles like trucks and vans. Smaller vehicles can run on lighter axle spacers. Most axles have one to two axle spacer holding them together. Some have up to six or seven axle spacers.