A conveyer belt pulley is often used for lifting materials. It is one of the oldest inventions. When it comes to productivity, pulleys can be ranked right up there with wheels. They have been as useful as wheels in many ways. Their impact on technology and progress has been nothing short of revolutionary. They can be used to reduce work and to perform it in a much shorter time. The time and effort saved because of using conveyer belt pulleys is significant. Companies that use conveyer belt pulleys often save a lot of time and man power. Work that would otherwise needs ten to fifteen men can be done with as little as five to six men if conveyer belt pulleys are used. This results in less people being employed by the company and can save a lot of money. This is important for companies struggling to make ends meet. 

The use of conveyer belt pulleys can be the difference between a company operating or closing. The conveyer belt pulley can be either fixed or movable. Each type has its own advantages and drawbacks. A movable pulley is more versatile but also costs more to buy or assemble. A fixed conveyer belt pulley is cheaper and can be obtained more easily. A third type of conveyer belt pulley is the compound type that has the benefits of both types. A conveyer belt pulley consists of a wheel attached to an axle. The axle is often stationary and fixed while the wheel is capable of rotation. The wheel has a cable or a belt such as a conveyer belt attached to it. The rotation of the wheel makes the conveyer belt mobile and allows it to transport things. The number of wheels on a conveyer belt pulley affect its efficiency. The more the wheels, the more the efficiency will be. Most conveyer belt pulleys have six to nine wheels.

One of the ways a pulley can be made is with a conveyer belt. A conveyer belt pulley has many advantages over a traditional one. A conveyer belt pulley has many uses and is a subsidiary component of many machines and equipment. It is most often used in the manufacturing industry. In a manufacturing business conveyor belt pulleys are used to transport materials from one place to the other.

They are used to lift materials, heavy and light ones alike, from a lower to a higher altitude. Lifting materials is where conveyer belt pulleys often come into uses A conveyer belt pulley can also be used to transport finished goods. The most common usage is in the manufacturing stage. Goods in various stages of completion are transported using conveyer belt pulleys. As mentioned above, this saves the cost of labour.