Gs1 product barcode is always printed, designed and installed for trading purposes. It is a unique serial number encrypted at one stage of a supply chain and decoded at a next stage. Users of this unique number can have all relevant and desired information about the product in seconds after scanning add GS1 barcode with a scanner. In this way, a trader, distributor, manufacturer and retailer can have affirm better inventory management, efficient data handling, easy recording of sales and purchase data, better control on prices and ancillary discounts for products, easy stock counts on daily basis, swift and easy preparation of daily stock reconciliations and multiple other things which let one to release its stress and all worries regarding data handling, processing and maintaining records of the products. Usually large scale retailers prefer to obtain data of sales and purchases from barcode generated reports. This is because this choice saves their cost, effort and much time as well. It means that installing and printing barcodes on product also assist finance department responsible for keeping, preparing and maintaining financial record for businesses and financial statements. So, one should always have to cogitate on some below listed important things about gs1 barcodes:

Highly inexpensive

After envisaging all of its benefits and constructive factors stated above, one would be very glad to know that it is very cheap and inexpensive option. Usually businesses/companies consider best barcode printing software, designing and installation expense as a negligible one. Moreover, when one prints and install barcodes in bulk, attention should be given that bulk installation would further reduces per unit cost.

Reduces employee training cost and time

It is not merely a cost effective option but also reduces employee training time. It is very easy and convenient to operate and so, even in days an employee or sales would learn how to use barcode facility at point of sale. In this way, businesses/companies can reduce their training cost and time dramatically.

Quick results

Barcode scanning is very fast. Basically this contemporary invention is usually preferred by every retailer and trader due to its swift functioning. In zero seconds, you can have all requisite information about the product on your screen.  


So, installing gs1 barcodes on packing of products is a direct value addition for products. Also note that barcodes are highly versatile in designs and shapes and sometimes they also enhance grace of a product and adds value in monetary aspects. It means that this least spending of money can allow businesses/firms to enjoy number of rapturous factors. People sometimes say, “Trivial changes in life and ways of doing things sometimes leave bigger and material impacts”. One is highly encouraged to think on installing this useful facility for any kind of trade and merchandise.