prime recruiting staff

The best match recruitment is an agency helping you recruit the candidates on a permanent and temporary basis. As in you owe a company or start-up then your commitment span is understood. We assure you to get the best hires for you who are going to help your business grow by leaps and bounds.


Coming to our staff for pakenham, who is behind this all recruitment process. The team is hardworking, dedicated, and committed to studying the details of your business and later shortlisting the best match.

Director Consultant -Naomi Matchett

Starting from the Director Consultant Naomi Matchett. He is native and knows the local environment. She is the business owner and job search trainer. Thus, she is equipped with the skills to hire the best for your company. She has exposure and first-hand experience about all the factors that are needed to grow a business. The owner has a detailed and complete understanding of this subject. With her education diplomas, she beholds the exposure to the industry and commercial sector. Naomi is invited as a guest speaker and known as the consultant for business matters. Using the fresh innovative approach, we assure the best fits for you. clients mostly get in touch with her and she provides a detailed analysis of the candidate before referring the resume to you.

General Manager-Cameron Newman

He joined the team after the experience and gaining knowledge in high-class business development for 15 years. He had a lucrative career spectrum. He has managed several sites and sales as an operational and sales manager all across Australia and established the best bonds internationally. Using this approach, he has a holistic preview when here comes the point of negotiation. He has assisted the multitude of commercial ranges throughout his career. He has experience in recruiting several talented and deserving candidates.

Consultant-Rowenna Dunn

She joined the team after serving as the General Manager. Holding a bachelor’s degree in communication, she served in multiple secretors and have exposure to diverse fields. When it comes to recruiting, she treats the clients with the utmost respect and open discussion. She is pro in dealing with the staff for temporary and permanent recruiting.

Recruitment Consultant- Gabrielle Davis

She holds a degree in HRM ( Human Resource Management) and a diploma in psychology. This gives him the privilege of knowing the candidate better. She can recognise talent and ambitious souls.

Administration Officer- Kath Davis

She is native and developing the network here for almost two decades. When candidates come to her the find a familiar face. As a qualified trainer and experienced administrator, she works with energy and helps people thrive to achieve their goals.

Financial Controller- David Matchett

After serving the police force for two decades he got expertise in accounting and serving us since the beginning. He has an insight that helps.

Payroll/ Accounts Officer- Rachel Gyorfi

A qualified and significant bookkeeper plus BAS agent became a part of the team with her significant insights into financial deals. She is friendly, exceptional and serves the purpose with approachable client assistance. Please visit for more information.