Engineering is something which can be examined everywhere around us right? From wheel rotation of a car to wires inside the machine everything is somehow and somewhat related to engineering. Engineering is so broad that one just cannot discuss every field of it completely. Sub-fields of engineering conserve a lot of detailed information and so much more. People studying engineering are very much aware of the fact that even a simple plug contains a lot of mind boggling theories. All these mind-boggling theories are threads of one cloth that is Engineering. To understand things in a better way this field is known as “Machine Design” this is something real in the world even a single screw, nut bolt or anything else require simple but too many mechanisms all comes under the umbrella of Machine Design. In addition, machine design and structural design solutions are considered as the most important and first step in the making of a machine similarly it involves separate knowledge and workspace.


Like every other field this field also starts with imagination, which means that a person has to imagine first what he/she wants to develop as a mechanical device (a machine). Things get ugly especially when people are not handling their imaginations properly. So even for an engineer it is necessary to work like an artist. Like they say even engineers are artists, it’s just that they make different and completely new physical prototypes and artists just sketch things on a piece of paper. There is a complete new field out there in universities where students are learning new aspects of engineering and they are learning everything related to machines such as: how a big machine is created is not what they learn, whereas, they focus more on trivial things and descriptions, small things make big changes and big machines. Wirings, fulcrums, pulleys, small springs, minor mechanisms actually make the big machine to run in a subtle way. This is what machine design is all about engineering has many fields of study but machine design is considered as the basis of everything as it allows an engineer to steer things in a way which can make things work. Many institutes are now offering studies related to this field where, students learn about fundamentals of designing, parts which are used usually, units of machines and other misc. elements. Loads a machine can take and the elements which can make a machine to work, because it takes a lot to decide the dimension of a machine and everything in comparison to load of the machine.

It is necessary to understand the mantra and mixture of mechanics, engineering and everything else