If you are planning for replacing the existing clutch kit of your vehicle there are various things that you should keep in mind. As much as we know the clutch kit prices vary from car to car and are generally considered to be more on the expensive side, there are other factors too that should be taken into account when replacing a Mustang clutch kit. Let’s find out what are those.

Before we move on towards the clutch details, one should understand that a clutch plate work differently for all types of cars. Vehicles can be used for different purposes such as, personal use, street performance, commercial use and racing. Keeping the use of a vehicle in mind, let’s help you find the right clutch for the vehicle.

  1. Personal Use – When you are using a vehicle for your personal use, this means that the vehicle is used for its original purpose only. In such a scenario, the ease of use and cost of maintenance are the factors that should be taken into account for any upgradation. Look for a clutch kit that offers OE parts as they are generally less pricey and also come with a 1 year warranty.
  2. Commercial Use – Trucks are often used for work purpose or commercial use that requires to put a lot of load on the vehicle than it can bear, hence, the vehicle is not used for its original design. There may have been some modifications done in these trucks in order for them to serve the job however, to meet the demand of these modifications, the premium clutch must be upgraded accordingly. To do that, one should let the clutch supplier be informed about the already existing modifications that have been done of the truck so that a similar capacity of clutch kit is installed.
  3. Street Performance – The vehicles which are used for street performance requires often the same guidelines as of a vehicles that are used for commercial use. A car that is used specifically for street performance has a lot of work done on them like modification in the exhaust systems, engines, chips and nitrous systems, hence, a clutch plate that can match all that should be installed accordingly.
  4. Racing – Lastly, vehicles that are used solely for the purpose of racing and winning, there is a lot that needs to be considered here. Since you have studied everything about your car and already know about the experts in the business that can be easily trusted, you should go for clutch kits that are multi plate clutch packs that have the ability of high end friction and high strength alloys.