Man has advanced so much that he has constructed roads even on mountains. However, these roads must be maintained properly so to avoid any kind of accidents. Such walls are made which prevents the passage of soil from one side to another. Besides being built on landscapes along the roadsides, we see these walls in swimming pools where they do not allow the passage of water. As these walls retains or prevents the passage of soil, water or other such materials so they are named as retaining walls. The process of installing retaining walls might differ according to the type of retaining wall being installed. However, one necessary component which is used for the installing of retaining walls is the concrete sleepers. In this article, we will be discussing about the concrete sleepers in Melbourne price and its usage.

Retaining walls:

Let us first comprehend the idea of retaining walls before directly discussing about the concrete sleepers. In the simplest words, retaining walls can be defined as the walls whose purpose is to retain or prevent the passage of soil, water or any other earthly material. We often see retaining walls built alongside roads in landscapes and as the border of a swimming pool. There are many different types of retaining walls which differ on the basis of their composition and their method of construction. These types of retaining walls may vary from limestone retaining walls to reliable steel retaining wall.

Some steps of installing retaining walls are similar for every kind of retaining wall. For instance, the ground is dig deep up to few millimetres so that the wall can be anchored perfectly in the ground.

Concrete sleepers Melbourne price and its usage:

Among many other types of retaining walls, there is a retaining wall known as concrete sleeper retaining wall. This is a type of wall in which prestressed concrete is converted in the form of slab like structures, these structures are known as concrete planks. So, we can say that concrete sleeper retaining walls are the kind of retaining walls that are constructed by multiple numbers of concrete planks. Even though the price range of concrete sleepers retaining walls might differ from country to country and depending upon the quality but still we can say that concrete sleepers price ranges from $400 to $750 per square meter. Concrete sleepers retaining walls are quite strong and firm. Moreover, they are durable and resistant to rotting and other such conditions.


Retaining walls are the walls which are built with the purpose of preventing the passage of soil, water and other such earthly materials from one area to another. There are many different kinds of retaining walls. Among which one of the strongest and firmest is considered to be concrete sleepers retaining walls.  Their price might range from $400 to $750. “Icon walls” provides the best quality of concrete sleepers in Melbourne that too in quite reasonable price.